Path To Ownership - The Process

If you're unfamiliar with the process of building and buying a Beracah Home, below you will find a brief timeline of what to expect.

Note: The timeline below represents you already having the land to build your new home – should you need land, the sales representative of where you are looking to build can be resource to start.

1 – Interested in a Beracah Home
You’re interested in building a Beracah Home.  Come to the factory, take a plant tour, ask questions...  we're happy to answer your questions.  If you have floorplans, we will be happy to look at them and to help you realize your project.
Contact (visit, call or email) the factory directly at:
Beracah Homes
9590 Nanticoke Business Park Dr.
Greenwood, DE. 19950

Once we've met & talked, you will likely want to get a quote or estimate of building your new home. In that back & forth exchange of where you start and where you finish “budgetizing” your home – you’ll get to know your Sales Associates, Builders, & Field Supervisors better & will end up likely spending several hours together. As you agree on your plan & the budget for building your home, you’ll want to get started on formal new home plans (these will be drawn by the engineers at Beracah Homes). You’ll put down a small initial deposit to start those drawings.

2 – Financing your Beracah Home
Financing the building of a Beracah is like financing a “site-built” or “stick-built” home - a Beracah is financed with a traditional mortgage.  Every Beracah Home is built to the Residential Building Code required by Local, County and State regulations, and is also built to the currently adopted Local, County and State Energy Code. With every Beracah Home you are guaranteed to build the most current and up-to-date “Code” regulated home.

You may have financing already lined up with a financial institution that you currently work with – or you may need assistance. Beracah can assist you in every aspect of helping you finance your new home.

3 – Building Your New Home (Conceptually)
When Beracah officially starts drawing the home that you and your sales representative have agreed upon, you start down the path of “conception to completion”. Initially you will have a PD or “Preliminary Drawing” done of your home. Your sales rep will review this plan with you – if changes are needed, together you’ll note those changes and your builder will re-submit those changes back to Beracah. This can go back & forth for a short amount of time – or can be as long as needed to get the “structural” components of your design correct. When that plan is approved, you’ll move to the next phase which involves picking out colors, countertops, fixtures, etc. You’ll also locate where you want electrical devices, media jacks, outlets, etc. As these new items are added to your plan, your plan gets closer to a “Final Release” – in which you and your sales rep will release the home to Beracah for production.

4 – Building Your New Home (Physically)
Once you and your sales rep have released your home to Beracah for production, your sales rep will obtain necessary permits and begin construction of the foundation for your home (this might be crawlspace, basement, pilings, etc). Depending on the size of your home, the typical ranch style home takes 8-10 days to be completed inside Beracah’s factory – with 1 day added for each additional section.  As your home is being built in the factory, you’ll want to come to the factory and walk through it’s construction – we welcome and encourage you to do that.

5 – Set Day
Beracah’s “Gold Gloves” Transportation department delivers the sections that make up your new home. Unlike other modular manufacturers, Beracah’s transportation department not only delivers, but assists for the duration of the set of your Beracah Home. The crane and set crew are hired by Beracah for set day. The same crane companies and set crew have been working with Beracah and it’s builders for the past 10 years – meaning these companies are very familiar with setting particularly a “Beracah Home”.  They're great at what they do and they are invaluable business partners with us.

6 – Builder Finish Work (On-Site)
After “Set Day” your Sales Office & Your Site Supervisor will start finishing your new home. Electrical & plumbing connections are made, HVAC is installed, flooring installed (by Beracah’s Preferred Flooring), garages built, porches, etc. Typically during your “On-Site” work you’ll have granite countertops installed, and any additional custom home touches completed. Siding will be completed in the field, driveways, grading, seeding – there’s list of items that need to be completed.

7 – Final (C.O. – Moving In)
Once your home is completed, your builder will call for a final inspection to ensure that all finish work has been completed as per the Local, County & State building codes.
Upon passing this inspection, you are now ready to move into your new Beracah Home.

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