9 Reasons to Build a Beracah

9 Reasons To Build with Beracah Homes

1) The Best Value

Beracah Homes are built in a modern, controlled factory environment and benefit from the assembly line production process. By purchasing large quantities of raw materials, we pay much less for them than the average builder. This cost savings is further passed on to you. Labor is used with maximum efficiency, with skilled craftsman moving your house between workstations on the factory floor. In fact, multiple homes are under construction on a daily basis by the same employees without wasting time traveling to multiple job locations.

2) The Highest Quality

Inside the factory, your home is precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. Quality control is maintained by constant inspections throughout the construction process. To ensure a safe and secure trip to your property, Beracah Homes are built especially well, using high-quality materials. For example, there is typically 30% more lumber used in framing your home in the factory than if it was built on site. This additional lumber, combined with strong adhesives and fasteners deliver the strongest built houses around.

3) Faster Completion Time

On average, once your home enters the factory, it will be ready for transport within 3-4 weeks. Once your home is set on its foundation, your final completion time will be determined by how customized your home is; our project managers will assist you in obtaining a more accurate timeline.  Simple, common-practice home builds will typically be completed quickly, where more custom designed modular homes may take a little longer - other field variables may also take into consideration with timing, such as seasonality, other utility providers on-site, etc.  Planning and Timing are the keys to a sucessful home build & we are happy to help our customers with both to help them move into their new home faster.

4) Lower Homeownership Costs

Repair bills can add up over the lifetime of owning your home, however a Beracah Home is precision engineered for a lifetime of structural durability. A Beracah home is both easier and less costly to maintain.

5) Greater Energy Efficiency

Your home is built standard with 2x6 exterior walls, high-density blown-in fiberglass wall insulation, highly efficient ceiling insulation, and with extra measures to stop air infiltration. State and county building codes may frequently change requiring more energy efficient home construction, however Beracah is always ahead of these changes. With rigorous quality control standards, your home is guaranteed to be up to code and perform at its optimum.

6) Peace of Mind

Buying a Beracah Home gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about:

• “I need more money” –Your home is half finished and your builder tells you they are over budget, and they need more money… or else they’ll quit. Every Beracah Home comes at a guaranteed price, without cost overruns.

• The vanishing builder –You don’t want an unfinished house sitting in the weather because your builder started your home, and then went out of business. When you buy a Beracah Home, your house is about 85% complete, under roof and weather tight, the day of delivery.

• The pre-soaked house – A site-built house is exposed to the rain and other natural elements. This can cause the wood to warp or swell, and even cause future health issues… problems you’ll never get rid of in a lifetime of ownership. Beracah Homes are built in a controlled/dry environment under the factory roof, and are transported in weather-resistant house wrap.

• The unexpected, uninspected house – Too often homebuyers don’t really know what kind of inspections (and quality of inspections) they’re receiving with a site-built house. In the factory, your home is inspected by third-party agencies, local agencies, and Beracah’s own quality control division. This provides you with 100% assurance that your home has been inspected for both code compliance and quality of workmanship.

7) Design Your Own Dream Home

With multiple types and styles of floor plans for you to choose from, building your home exactly the way you want is easy. In fact, we encourage you to custom design your own home. Mix and match plans, change rooms, layouts – even floor plans that you find online or elsewhere.

8) Mortgage Lenders Want Your Business

A Beracah Home is financed like any site built home. Banks and mortgage companies are eager to loan you money for your new Beracah Home.

9) Resale Value

Upon completion, your Beracah Home looks as if it was built on site – however, a Beracah Home is built to last. Over years of ownership, you’ll find your home requires less maintenance, and your energy bills are lower than your neighbors. When it is time to sell your home, you’ll be glad you built a Beracah.

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2,100 Sq. Ft.



The Gumboro - 3 BR/2BA Rancher

1,424 Sq. Ft.



The Norfolk | Small Cape Cod Custom Home

1,008 Sq. Ft.



St. Michaels - Custom 2 Story Home - Perfect for narrow or long lots

2,112 Sq. Ft.



The Windward | Customizable Craftsman Style, Cape Cod

1,288 Sq. Ft.



The Townsend Model - Custom Cape Cod Style Home - Story & 1/2 Home

1,482 Sq. Ft.




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