Green Building Principles

You’ve likely heard about “Green Building,” or “Energy Star Certified,” or other numerous eco-friendly terms describing "Green" construction.  Why do you hear about it?  It’s reported that 70% of customers would buy a “green” product - provided that it was affordable enough or within their budget.  Because of this, businesses want to let customers know that they can offer it.  At Beracah, we do that with your home.

As our dependence on fossil fuels continues to grow, the availability of those resources continues to decline.  While a concerning thought, it’s also a fundamental truth -- and the cornerstone to green building. Green building is a way for you to make a positive difference in the world around you, by reducing your impact on the planet.  If you could own a home that, when built, was naturally healthier, more comfortable, and less expensive to operate... you'd be interested.

The Beracah Homes production facility is Energy Star certified - you'll see this sign proudly on display as you walk into our main office.  This means that every home built in our Greenwood factory is built to Energy Star code.  While Energy Star you may know, Green Advantage you may not.  Green Advantage is the leading 3rd party certification agency in the United States, and works hand-in-hand with the U.S. Green Building Council.
David Johnston, author of Green From The Ground Up (also personally instructed us at Beracah Homes in Green Building practices) sums up perfectly what green building is… “Green building encompasses every part of construction, not just the house itself, but everything around it, and how the house and its occupants relate to the community around them".
In theory, it can seem simple.  In practice it gets a little complicated.  At its most basic, green building is a tripod of three interrelated goals:

    •    Energy Efficiency – The cornerstone of any green building project.  A well designed, green-built home consumes as little energy as possible and uses renewable sources of energy whenever possible.  Lower energy use not only saves homeowners money but also has broader societal benefits, including fewer disruptions in energy supplies, better air quality, and reduced global climate change.

    •    Conservation of natural resources – Conventional building needlessly consumes large quantities of wood, water, metal and fossil fuels.  There are great varieties of effective building strategies that conserve natural resources and provide other benefits, such as lower costs.  Strategies include the use of durable products to reduce waste and specifying recycled-content products that reuse natural resources.

    •    Indoor air quality -- Poor indoor air quality is often caused by mold and mildew that are the result of leaks or poorly designed and maintained heating and cooling systems.  Another common source of indoor air pollution is the off gassing of chemicals found in many building materials.  Some are known carcinogens.

3 simple concepts that make up green building - Energy Efficiency, Conservation of natural resources & Indoor air quality.  There isn’t a tally sheet or checklist that is required to make a home “green” and there’s not a requirement to purchase solar panels or wind turbines, geothermal systems or tankless hot water heaters (though they carry significant advantages).  Green building is a systematic approach that covers every step of design and construction from land use and site planning to materials selection, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

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