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You easily recognize the familiar logo of an “Energy Star” product.  It’s the one with the blue square box, and inside is the word “energy” written in neon cursive and sitting next to a neon star.  Exactly like the one below.  The Energy Star symbol carries a message that says "this particular item is designed to save energy," i.e. cost less to run/use/operate.  The symbol is used in a variety of applications from everyday household products (appliances/lighting/HVAC systems) to entire houses & house systems. 

Energy Star LogoAny contractor can (when he/she builds your home) outfit your home with energy star products, led lighting, energy efficient windows and more.

But with a Beracah built home, your home is Energy Star "ready" - standard out of the factory.  Certification by a 3rd party rater is an option you can select to ensure your new home passes the completed field test.

To earn the ENERGY STAR, a home must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These homes are 20–30% more efficient than standard homes.

For every home built by Beracah to achieve Energy Star certification, the entire Beracah Homes factory needed to be certified.  Certification for a factory can last several months, as it is only achieved after a certain number of homes are built and tested by a 3rd party energy performance team.

When testing of a home is complete, the verification team gives the home a number (or it’s Herrs Index).  The Herrs Index is a number that represents how “efficient” the home is and is compared to other traditional built homes in the area/region.  The lower the Herrs Index score, the closer a home gets to “zero” energy meaning a home that is not using any electricity from a foreign source.  A zero energy home functions “off the grid”.  While not everyone’s home will be constructed to achieve net zero energy, every home built in the Beracah plant leaves airtight and ready for inspection.  Every home is given a Herr Index score.  A Beracah Home directly out of the plant typically scores between mid 60s. On-site completion work typically finishes a home with a high 40s - low 50s score.  Additional measures can be taken to lower this score more - contact your Beracah sales center for more details.

There is much to read about Energy Star, Energy Star certification, Energy Star construction, etc. -- too many to showcase here, but you’ll find them very informative & eye opening. 

Beracah Homes works with several 3rd Party Energy Inspection Agencies to evaluate and score all their homes.

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