Beracah Homes Soon-to-be-Spring Update!

The Design Studio at Beracah Homes - New Design Studio

Where do we start? After many years, our main office building is getting a total makeover! A beautiful new front door and new windows have been installed, and new siding is going up all around. You might not recognize the place!

In addition to the cosmetic changes, the new space will feature a state-of-the-art Design Studio - and will be a one-stop shop where customers can have hands-on interaction with flooring, cabinets, kitchens, baths and more. The Design Studio will be overseen by our Design Manager, Teke Davidson, who will assist customers with selections and specifications in the various rooms within their new home.

Check out our new 2-story The Willards design, a classic 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2,016 square feet of living space. It has a first floor master suite, as well as a porch along the second floor! This unique model home will be open and available to tour in the coming months!

The ZeMod or Net Zero model home has finished production in our factory. It was built in collaboration with the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, Milford Housing Development Corporation, and with the Vermont Energy Investment Corp. These three groups approached us in 2016 asking to partner and build a single home that would achieve a ZERO energy bill for its owner.

We are so excited to be part of this project! The model is on display at our location in Greenwood, and customers will be able to walk through it. More information is coming soon on the ZeMod, including the grand opening date, photos and a video.

We're exploring using a new piece of software called Matterport, which will enable us to take 3D, VR photos and create a great graphical and user interface. We’re also using a new camera called 360 Spherical. It enables the viewer to completely look around the environment as a video is being shot. Watching this through a pair of VR glasses gives an even more immersive experience.

Take the tour! Factory tours are perfect for prospective customers who want to see firsthand how a custom Beracah Home is built inside our factory. Tours run anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on questions and conversation during the tour. To schedule a tour, call (302) 349-4561.

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