The Design Studio at Beracah Homes - New Design Studio

Where do we start? After many years, our main office building is getting a total makeover! A beautiful new front door and new windows have been installed, and new siding is going up all around. You might not recognize the place! In addition to the...Read more »

Tilghman Island 2 Story - Customized Chincoteague Model

Making the switch from being a renter to being a homeowner is exciting! The process can be trickier than anticipated for inexperienced homebuyers. Here are some tips to help you prepare, so you can look forward to a new life in your new Beracah...Read more »

Matterport Test Image

We're exploring using a new piece of software called Matterport. Matterport will enable us to take 3D, VR photos and create a great graphical and user interface that would look like the demo below. Try it out.Read more »

Greenwood Model being set at our home office in Greenwood Sept 2013

In 2017, modular home building is becoming more and more popular among people searching for new homes. More people knowing about the benefits of modular homes – their efficiency, strength, precision, affordability and flexibility – is unbelievably...Read more »

Have you been dreaming of building a custom home? Beracah Homes would love to help you design and build your dream home from the ground up! And what better time than the new year? Now is a great time to go ahead and make that dream come true. It’s a...Read more »

You look forward to Thanksgiving each November. But this year is different – it’s your first holiday in your new home! You want it to be really unique. Fear not. We have some tips to make the day special and not too stressful! Plan ahead. Early...Read more »

Polytech High School 2

Since Beracah started production in our 129,000 sq ft factory (over 13 years ago) we have offered Factory Tours to interested customers. Factory Tours give you a first hand and behind the scenes look on how we build your house. You'll start in the...Read more »

You’ve spent the summer months mowing, watering, weeding and feeding your lawn, and your hard work has really paid off. Don’t stop now! Fall is your prime opportunity to give your lawn the boost it needs to weather the winter and come back strong in...Read more »

October is Crime Prevention Month. The National Crime Prevention Council wants to remind people that “crime” can be anything from home burglary to credit card fraud to identity theft. At Beracah Homes , we want you to feel secure in your home, so we...Read more »

Tilghman Island 2 Story Home

ALL LOCATIONS are CLOSED on Wednesday 10/12/16 for Beracah's Employee Appreciation Day.Read more »