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Tilghman Island 2 Story - Customized Chincoteague Model

Making the switch from being a renter to being a homeowner is exciting! The process can be trickier than anticipated for inexperienced homebuyers. Here are some tips to help you prepare, so you can look forward to a new life in your new Beracah...Read more »

Greenwood Model Living Room

A recent poll identified not being able to sell one’s current home as a homeowner’s greatest fear. In an age where, according to HGTV, every home should be a stylized showroom, fearing that your home won’t live up to the competition is all too real...Read more »

HVAC Unit Inside House - Cooling Lines In Stud Cavity

Beracah Homes is proud to be involved in the Passive House project on Addison Road in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We were chosen as the builder for this groundbreaking home because, unlike other modular builders, Beracah Homes has an existing...Read more »

In late July, a new house built by Beracah Homes will rise on Addison Road in Prince George’s County, Maryland. This house is unique in several ways. Most notably, it is pre-certified to be a Passive House , the world’s strictest building standard...Read more »